New UChicago Voices Template Available, Based on UChicago Sites Theme

A new template—the UChicago Unit Website template—is now available on the UChicago Voices platform ( Aligned with the theme used on the pay-for-use UChicago Sites platform, the new Voices template is free to use and is available entirely self-service for members of the University of Chicago community.

To create a new website on Voices using the new UChicago Unit Website template, follow the instructions included at the end of this page.

More on UChicago Voices and Differences from UChicago Sites

Unlike UChicago Sites, which has a fee of $500/year per hosted website and requires IT Services-provided support for use, UChicago Voices is provided to members of the University of Chicago community free of charge and entirely self-service. Voices is built upon the industry standard WordPress content management system.

Voices enables website owners to independently create, build, launch, and maintain a website.

IT Services support is only needed when a domain (or web address) of an existing non-Voices website will need to be redirected to a Voices website. For example, an existing non-Voices website with URL can, in most instances, be redirected to In this example, a website visitor will still be able to use the branded URL, however he/she will be automatically redirected to the Voices URL

Because Voices is free of charge and self-service, customizations to templates on Voices—such as the new UChicago Sites-based template, as well as any existing or subsequent templates—will be limited. Also, additional functionality beyond what is currently offered through Voices—especially functionality that involves transactional or interactive behavior (e.g., event registration and tracking more complex than a simple form or program enrollment functionality)—will not be available.

To create a new website on Voices using the new template, navigate to For questions about Voices, contact

Existing UChicago Sites Owners

Owners of existing UChicago Sites websites will continue to receive support and maintenance for their existing websites, and will continue to be billed the annual fee for hosting and maintenance. Owners who wish to migrate their Sites website(s) to the UChicago Unit Website template in Voices should review the instructions for launching a new site at Migration support is also available through IT Services. To inquire about costs associated with migration assistance, please contact Web Services

Creating a New Website on Voices with the New Template

  1. Go to and select the Create Your Site option in the header of the homepage. Or, navigate directly to the new Voices site request form:
  2. Log in with your CNET username and password.
  3. Begin filling out the request form.
  4. As a best practice, make sure to enter a similar Site Name (URL) and Site Title. You cannot change the Site Name (URL) or Site Title once they are selected.  If you need to have your Site Name (URL)  changed after it’s been selected, please reach out to Web Services Voices support:
  5. Select only administrators can visit - good for testing purposes before making it live as your site’s Privacy setting.
  6. Select the UChicago Unit Website Template option from the Select Template field.
  7. When your site is ready to go live, change the Site Visibility Settings to Allow search engines to index this site under Dashboard > Settings > Reading.